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We, Sara Johansson and Helena Hermansson, met over 15 years ago while we were both volunteers for the Swedish Red Cross. We soon realized we shared many foundational values and experiences and now, we run Creative Mammals together.

Our name stems from us being two creative mammals, striving to inspire and empower you. Between us we have academic degrees in Psychology (MSci and BA), Political Science and Crisis Management (PhD), International relations (BA), and extensive field experience from working with crisis- and psychosocial support both nationally and internationally in the acute phase of disasters and terrorist attacks (Syria, Pakistan, Thailand, Norway).

We write, give trainings, lectures, and seminars on topics related to crisis support, newborn children’s needs, and human resilience. We explain the latest research and make it comprehensible and easy to apply in day-to-day situations or in extraordinary circumstances.


We specialize in:


– Immediate psychological reactions and needs following events that affect many children and adults at the same time; terrorism, natural disasters and epidemic outbreaks. Making evidence based principles and State-of-the-Art knowledge comprehensible and easy to use.

– Perinatal crisis support: support to patients and staff during and after severe complications in ob/gyn.

– Crisis support in neonatal intensive care: preventing separation between parent and child; the importance of physical and emotional closeness very early in life.

We educate doctors, nurses, psychologists and leaders of staff on how to support families in crisis. We combine Psychology with Medicine and give inspiration to updated hospital routines. This work is carried out by Sara Johansson in cooperation with paediatrician and neonatologist Professor Uwe Ewald, a world leading expert in intensive care of the extremely premature infant.

– We write poetry and stories, and use this to in order to explain both facts and emotions; it is a way of showing who we are as humans, and who we may become.

Sara Johansson’s poetry has been published and commended by e.g. The Hippocrates Prize. Her texts and articles in Swedish belong to some of Sweden’s most shared; appreciated for seeing the unseen with great beauty and warmth.

For queries regarding lectures, speeches or trainings in English, please contact us at:


Phone: Sara Johansson: + 46 (0)736-79 31 16, Helena Hermansson: + 46 (0)708-96 46 24.

Postal address: Creative Mammals, Sara Johansson, Tredje Långgatan 39, S-413 27 Göteborg, Sweden.

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Sara Johansson & Helena Hermansson